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For Sale
Steel Mast by Tashjian
de W3ACO

I have an unused steel mast made by Tashjian towers, 10 feet long, 2.375" OD, 2.00" ID,  hot dip galvanized.

Any reasonable offer, you pick up.

Rich Haendel
(319) 331-6805

For Sale
Estate of George Halpin, N9DO
de NA9Q

I have these items for sale from the estate of George Halpin, N9DO.  Those of you who knew George will know that everything is in very good condition.

  1. Drake L4B Linear Amplifier. Recently re-capped and rectifiers upgraded. $825
  2. Yaesu FT-1000MP-MK-V HF Transceiver with Collins filter, power supply and custom dust cover.   $1100
  3. Yaesu MD200A8X Desk Microphone.   $225
  4. Brown Bothers BTL-A Iambic paddle.   $70
  5. Yaesu FT8100 Dual Band Transceiver.   $115
  6. Separation Kit for FT8100, new in the box.   $40
  7. Astron RS-12A Power Supply.   $50
  8. Bearcat 20/20 VHF/UHF Scanner.   $20
  9. Drake TR4 HF Transceiver, with MS4 Speaker/Power Supply.   $325      
  10. Duplexer, VHF (2M) 8-cavity, Notch, Varden 8D146B.   $100
  11. Dummy Load, Heath Cantenna, with oil.   $35
  12. Antenna Switch, B&W 6-position, UHF connectors.   $40
  13. Coaxial Cable, LDF Semi-flexible, 3/4 – inch dia, approximately 100 feet with N-connectors installed.   $200
  14. Kenwood TS261A 2M Transceiver (no Tone board).   $75
  15. HyGain 1 pair of 11 element 2M beams with stacking kit.   $100

I am cleaning house and have the following for sale.  These items could be delivered at the West Liberty Hamfest.

  1. Heathkit SB-220 Linear Amp.  With good EIMAC tubes. No mods.   $725
  2. Heathkit uMatic memory keyer w/wall wart.   $40
  3. Rohn 25G, 4–10ft sections, 1–top section. Older but no damage, mechanically solid, needs paint or re-dipping. Package deal.   $100
  4. Rohn 20G top section, good condition.   $20

Mike Nowack
(217) 224-8526

For Sale

Yaesu FT-2000 Transceiver

2- Yaesu FT-1000MP HF Transceivers

Alpha 99 HF Amplifier
Several Station Accessories


Yaesu FT-2000 – HF/6M Transceiver
Yaseu FT-2000 in mint condition. Sub-receiver has the YF-122C 500 Hz CW filter installed. all documentation and original shipping boxes included. $1,100.


TopTen Devices Band Aide Band Decoder
+ Yaesu to Band Decoder Cable – this is for band decoding for automatic antenna or filter selection.  $200.


RemoteRig 1258 MkIIs – Set
Dual Receive Capable Remote Control Set with Power Supply includes the following accessories:
  – 1258-YTCK – Yaesu Twin Accessory Cable Kit (needed for dual receive)
  – 1258-N – 1258-N WiFi Interface for RRC-1258. All Versions
  – 1258-ANT5 – WiFi Antenna – 2.4 to 2.5 GHz – 5 dBi Gain – 6.7 inches long
  – 1258-PS-USA - 100-240 Volts AC to 12 VDC 1 Amp RemoteRig Power Supply
$725 complete.


Yaesu FT-1000MP HF Transceiver – Qty 2
I have two of the original FT-1000MP HF Transceivers – not the Mark V or Field. These were my SO2R station. Includes the following:
INRAD Filters (Reference numbers included for clarity):
  FT-1000MP Roofing Filter Mod
2nd IF
  - 2100 Hz 8215 kHz SSB 8-pole crystal filter (#709)
  - 1800 Hz 8215 kHz SSB 8-pole crystal filter (#711)
  - 400 Hz 8215 kHz CW 8-pole crystal filter (#701)
  - 250 Hz 8215 kHz CW 8-pole crystal filter (#708)
3rd IF
  - 2100 Hz 455 kHz SSB 8-pole crystal filter (#702)
  - 1800 Hz 455 kHz SSB 8-pole crystal filter (#714)
  - 400 Hz 455 kHz SSB 8-pole crystal filter (#703)
  - 250 Hz 455 kHz SSB 8-pole crystal filter (#704)
  - 1000 Hz 455 kHz SSB 8-pole crystal filter (#713) - Installed
  - 400 Hz 455 kHz SSB 8-pole crystal filter (#703) - Not installed
Includes the original Yaesu box with inserts, documentation, and microphone. (Over $1,700 dollars of INRAD filters in each radio!)
$1,000 for each transceiver.


W5XD MK-1100 SO2R Software Controller
The MK-1100 multi-function keyer is a device that connects to your PC via a serial port and provides a variety of functions needed for a contest operation. It functions as a switchbox for SO2R (single-operator, two-radio) contesters, but SO2R is not the only reason you might need a multi-keyer. All multi-keyer functions work on Windows 95, 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.  $25.


Alpha 99 HF Manual Tune Amplifier
160M to 10M amp uses a pair of 4CX800 tubes.  I have a spare set of finals purchased from Alpha included in the price.  All documentation and original shipping boxes.
$3,300 for amp and spare set of tubes.


TH-75 VHF/UHF handheld transceiver
Includes the following:
  - BC-11 Charger
  - Cigarette Lighter Charger
  - Wall Charger
  - Extra Battery
  - Case
  - SM-31 Mini Mic/Speaker
  - SM-32 Mic/Speaker
Make an offer!


Collins 302C-3 Wattmeter (Winged Emblem)
Meter and sensor, $150.


Thanks for looking!  All items must go - making room for my new station.

Rick Heinrich

For Sale
Antenna Analyser, Palstar ZM-30
de W3ACO

W3ACO Palstqr ZM-30

(Click on the picture for a larger version...)

Antenna Analyser, Palstar ZM-30. Software version 6.9. 1-30 MHz, high resolution to 1 KHz. Uses 8 AA batteries, measures VSWR, capacitance, inductance, can be used in VFO mode as a signal generator. Comes with calibration loads, custom case and manual.

I am selling it because I have an analyser that goes through 2 meters.


Rich Haendel
(319) 331-6805

For Sale

ACOM 2000A Amplifiers

ACOM 10-position Antenna Switch & Controller

ACOM 2S1 SO2R control box


ACOM 2000A #1 has brand new tubes and was recently tuned up by KØGX. There are some minor scratches on the amplifier face but the remote control head is fine. I am the original owner. $4,000.

ACOM 2000A #2 I’ve had for many years and have used it very little. Very clean, full output. $4,000.

ACOM 10-position antenna switch and controller is a very hearty mil-spec system that follows the ACOM 2000A amp when it senses a new band. I am the original owner. $600.

ACOM 2S1 is an SO2R control box that controls a single ACOM 2000A amp with input from two transmitters. Original owner. Never used. $200.

I’m selling this equipment to get ready for the FlexRadio PowerGenius amplifier which will mate with the FlexRadio 6000 series I have now. Pictures available on request. I prefer pickup/delivery. Any shipping will be additional.



Glenn Johnson

218-760-3663 (leave text or message if I don’t answer)

Decorah, IA

For Sale
Elecraft K3/100

Elecraft K3/100 $2495. S/N 01480. 2008 Kit, 2009 upgrades, 2010 factory inspection and firmware upgrade. K3/100; KAT3 ATU Modulator kit; 2 KFL3A-500 Hz, 5 Pole filters (main/sub); MH2-R Hand Mic; Proset-K2-R, Heil Boomset Headset w/mic; 2 KBPF3A-F General Coverage RX Modules (main/sub); KDVR3 Digital Voice Recorder; KFL3A-6K-IR 6kHz, 8 pole filter (main); 2 KFL3B-FM-IR FM-bandwidth, 8-pole roofing filters  (main/sub); KRX3-K 2nd RX Mod kit; KTCX03-1 TXCO 1ppm f/w correction to 0.5ppm; KXV3 Transverter interface.

PR6 6M Low Noise Pre-Amp $99.

Navigator digital modem by TimeWave (previously by US Interface) $199.

All lightly used, fully functional and no damage to my knowledge. Non-smoking environment.  Excellent appearance.  Reason for sale is these items are excess to my needs.  All sales as is.

Jim Meade
319-330-5548 (leave text or message if I don't answer)