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Updated August 2, 2022

EIDXA's items for sale or trade page. Please contact the webmaster to post your ad.

Ads posted here will stay active for 5 weeks maximum, unless specifically renewed by the ham who posted the ad. Any amateur radio equipment may be advertised here, and there is no charge for the service.

Rohn 25G Tower

Rohn 25G view 1      Rohn 25G View 2

The tower consists of a 10' section with 3' in the ground in concrete, plus 3 - 10' sections and an 8' top section. The tower is free-standing but anchored to the house some 15' above ground level. There is a lot of coax running off the tower but all coax in the house has been taken down or cut. The homeowner indicated the coax can be cut off and she can dispose of it. The ground section does not need to be removed. The overall age of the tower is some 50 years, but looks to be in good shape, and still appears solid and well built. 

Terms: You may have the tower free if you take it down. Otherwise, she would like to have the tower taken down for a fee. Everything would be negotiable.  

Her address is:
Debbie Bryant
1033 20th Avenue
Coralville, IA 52441

319-330-1405 (cell)

(Contact the webmaster if you have questions.)

WB8ZRL Estate: Bidding on Equipment

By Terry, WØAWL, and Jim, WØSR
Updated March 17, 2022

Tom Vavra, WB8ZRL, a recent SK, has donated his amateur radio equipment and antennas to the EIDXA with the intent that we sell them and use the proceeds to help fund future DXpeditions.

Following is the updated list of the equipment and other ham items that are still available. A number of the items have been tested and there is a description for most. If you would like to see or ask questions about the gear, you can call Terry.

Terry’s phone number is 319-350-2779. His address is 1004 Amelia Drive, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402.

Any offers should be sent to Jim at jlscr2@yahoo.com. The subject of the e-mail should be “ZRL Bid”. Please carefully list the item(s) you are bidding on and your offered price. All items have a starting bid.

Tom also had a number of antennas, including transmit/receive 4-squares for 40 and 80, that will be up for sale in the spring. Also included will be towers, antenna hardware and coax/hardline. We have permission from the new owner to leave the antennas up until the weather warms. We will send a second listing at that time.

Terry and Jim


(Minimum bid)
(2) Hy-Gain rotors and their control boxes for sale. Both rotors have been
  tested with their control boxes and work fine. Your choice $ 350.00

$350 ___ 1  #1 Hy-Gain Control Box, black plastic case. With manual.
$350 ___ 1  #2 CDE
Control Box, two-color metal case.

$75 ____ 1  Dentron Super Tuner, no model #. (Clean, but not tested).
$50 ____ 1  Icom HT VX-150, 7.2 volts 700 mAH battery, with a wall
            charger (manual online).
$40 ____ 1  KLM 80BL-60. 5 watts in = 45 out; 10 watts in = 80 out.
$40 ____ 1  Yaesu YS-500. 200-watt power meter, 140-525 MHz. Tested,
            nice condition.
$20 ____ 1  Military 50-watt dummy load, DC to 1.5 GHZ with C
            connectors. (Not tested).
$20 ____ 1  Micronta variable power supply 0 to 24 volts, tested,
            clean. Manual online.
$50 ____ 1  AEA SWR-121 V/U Graphical VHF/UHF antenna analyst, case,
            manual, and power supply. It powers up and uses N
            connectors. (Not tested).
$75 ____ 1  Department of the Navy, Wattmeter. (80058) AN/URM-120. This
            unit comes with 3 slugs that range from 10 watts to 1000
            watts, all contained in a secure metal case. The unit has N
            connectors and has not been tested.
$10 ____ 1  Modular Circuit Technology EPROM Programmer MOD-MEP-1C (not
            tested). Plus, the Walling Company Model D Datarase II
            Eprom Eraser with instructions and wall-wart.
$20 ____ 1  Ramsey Electronics CT-70 Counter, 6-600 range (with wall-
            wart & manual). Tested OK.
$5 _____ 1  Heathkit power supply HWA-2036-3. Tested. 14.8 volts no
            load, fused for 3 amps.
$50 ____ 1  Heathkit HM2140, 1.8-30 MHz RF/SWR meter (tested, seems
$100 ___ 1  Heathkit Station Monitor Model SB-614. (Very clean, with
            manual. Not tested).
$5 _____ 1  Hy-gain CB Transceiver Regulated Power Supply, 15.2V/2.5
            Amps no load. Tested.
$40 ____ 1  Heathkit SB-300, 80 through 10-meter CW-SSB receiver.
            (Manual online, not tested).
$5 _____ 1  Simpson Milliamp Meter (measures DC from 0 to 50
            milliamps). Looks unused.
$10 ____ 1  Nye Viking Low Pass Filter. Power level up to 1000 watts.
$3 _____ 1  Workman handheld microphone, model DM800Y. New, in package.
$3 _____ 1  KDK handheld microphone, model TM-2.
$5 _____ 1  TEKK KS-960 Crystal-Controlled Digital Data Radio. (Manual
            online. not tested).
$10 ____ 2  Identical Kantronics packet communicator 9612, similar
            condition, not tested. Buy both for $10.
$10 ____ 1  Kantronics Packet Communicator 3. (Not tested).
$10 ____ 1  AEA PK-88 Packet Controller. (Not tested).
$125 ___ 1  MFJ 259B Antenna Analyzer, storage case, manual, external
            power supply. Tested.
$75 ____ 1  Solid braided nylon ½ inch tag line rope. 200+ feet on a
            wind-up reel.
$40 ____ 1  Solid braided nylon ½ inch tag line rope. 140 + feet stored
            in a bucket.
$20 ____ 1  80 feet of parachute cord, on a reel. (Probably used for
            dipole ends).
$200 ___ 1  Collins 3132B Speaker for the KWM-1. Nice condition.
$50 ____ 1  Vibrokeyer, hand-crafted in brass by Jack Muckler.
$10 _____6  Identical MFJ TNC-2 Packet Radios, model 1270B. (Similar
            condition, not tested). Buy all 6 for $50.
$3  ____ 1  Ten feet of ¼ inch wide grounding strap.
$10 ____ 1  HAMFEST Board Game (seems complete with rules-dice-QSL-QRM-
            FCC-money and home QTH cards). This looks like a spin-off
            from Monopoly.
$40 ____ 1  Icom IC-R5 wideband handheld receiver. Uses 2 Ni-Cd or AA
            alkaline batteries (tested, with manual, nice condition).
$10 ____ 1  MFJ TNC-2 Packet Controller, model 1270C (not tested).
$10 ____ 1  Zippered tool pouch with equipment for the insertion or
            extraction of chips, plus 6 smaller screwdriver-type tools.
$30 ____ 1  Ramsey 20 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope. Model 2200, with
            manual, not tested.
$20 ____ 1  Fleron Signaler, for instruction in code. Tested & working.
            Very collectible.